Isumi base
Private accommodation Isumi base

The concept is "Dream Villa".What is Isumi base?

It is a 5-minute drive from the Olympic surfing venue and a 3-minute walk from a place like a private beach.
This is a private accommodation facility in Isumi City, Chiba, which is offered as a private charter based on the concept of “Dream Villa” that can be used by families.
The theme is a villa designed by various people, so relax in the wide 1LDK loft, cooking party in the face-to-face island kitchen, rest in the hut, barbecue in the garden, bonfire, pool, bath, etc. Even those who think that it is difficult to own and use a villa can feel free to use it,
Olympic surfing venue fishing close to Saki Coast.

Enhanced partner services and nearby spots.

If you wish to have a barbecue, etc., Isumi Base has a tie-up agreement with a nearby restaurant, so it is possible to prepare fresh ingredients separately as an option.
There are also places like a private beach where you can fish for a 3-minute walk, and there are plenty of nearby spots.
Catering is also possible.

More villa experience with full charter.

Also, if you use Isumi Base, it will be completely reserved, so you can spend the space just for the user just like a villa.
Please use it to make wonderful memories in various scenes, such as gatherings with family and children, couples and friends.
*There is a pick-up service.
Can be used as various villas.

Property information

Property type Private house
Property specifications
  • Maximum occupancy: 5 (up to 2 children. Infants (0 to 1 year old) are not included in the number.)
  • Size: 50㎡ (with 1LDK loft)
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of futons: 5 sets
  • Number of beds: 0
  • Number of other beddings: 0
  • Number of bathrooms: 1 room
  • Number of toilets: 1
Property benefits
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • House cleaning is performed periodically after staying, so you can always use the house cleanly.
  • Location is popular
  • The location as a villa has been well received, as it is a 5-minute drive from the Olympic surfing venue and a 3-minute walk to places like a private beach.
    The affiliated services and facilities are also nearby, so it is very popular because it is convenient when you want to use it.
  • Experience a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • You can experience barbecue, cruising, bonfires, swimming pools, and other places where you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city even if you are close.
  • It is a quiet place surrounded by greenery, but 7-Elevens, supermarkets, drugstores and home centers are only a few minutes drive away.

Access map

Chiba Prefecture Isumi Shimisaki-cho, Izumi 2428-3
[the case of the car]15 minutes from Kujukuri toll road Ichinomiya IC, from KenHisashimichi Tsurumai Ichihara 40 minutes.
[Train]Sotobo Kazusa Ichinomiya 15 minutes from the train station, from Futoshihigashi Station 10 minutes.

Accommodation information

Use time Check-in 15: 00-18: 00
Check out 10:00
Staying days Minimum stay: 1 night
Maximum stay: 30 nights
Property rules and restrictions *Smoking is not allowed indoors, smoking is allowed on the wooden deck and garden only, shoes are strictly prohibited throughout the house, and up to two small pet dogs (cage required)
*If you find damage to the property due to your negligence while using or staying at this facility, you can take out personal liability insurance (fire insurance, household property insurance, automobile insurance special contract) or It will be repaired at the actual cost.


  • Free wi-fi
  • TV set
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Air conditioner
  • refrigerator
  • rice cooker
  • an electronic pot
  • toaster
  • Hairdryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • microwave
  • Bath (bath)
  • Toilet with washing machine
  • Balcony / terrace
  • Takoyaki maker
  • Hot plate


  • towel
  • bath towel
  • Body soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • toothbrush
  • slipper


  • Pet OK
  • Pick-up
  • Family / Kid Friendly
  • Free parking
  • housekeeping
Usage fee <1 to 2 people>
1 night (November to April): Weekdays / 17,600 yen Weekend / 22,000 yen
1 night (May to October): Weekdays / 22,000 yen Weekend / 26,400 yen
<3 people>
1 night (November-April): Weekdays / 22,000 yen Weekends / 26,400 yen
1 night (May-October): Weekdays / 26,400 yen Weekends / 30,800 yen
<4 people>
1 night (November-April): Weekdays / 26,400 yen Weekend / 30,800 yen
1 night (May-October): Weekdays / 30,800 yen Weekend / 35,200 yen
<5 people>
1 night (November-April): Weekdays / 30,800 yen Weekend / 35,200 yen
1 night (May-October): Weekdays / 35,200 yen Weekends / 39,600 yen
Room cleaning fee: 3,300 yen / time * All prices include tax.
* If you wish to use more than 5 people, we will inform you at an additional charge of 4,400 yen / person if you understand that you do not have enough bedding.
* Up to 2 people are free for children under elementary school age.
* Special rates apply during the following period.
 Golden Week: May-October weekend charge + 4,400 yen / person (per night)
 Obon: May-October weekend charge + 4,400 yen / person (per night)
 Year-end and New Year holidays: May-October weekend charge +22,000 yen (per night)
* During the special rate period, hometown tax reservations are not eligible.
Consecutive night discount Consecutive nights (1 week): 30% off the room rate
Consecutive nights (1 month): 50% off the room rate A one-week consecutive stay discount applies to stays of 7 days or more, and a one-month consecutive stay discount applies to stays of 28 days or more.
During the Obon period, the consecutive nights discount will not be applied.
Option fee Isumi luxury seafood course (Ohara fishing port direct lobster, Ohara fishing port direct land octopus skewers, Futoshihigashichi clam + Isumi luxury course): 3,850 yen
Isumi luxury Course (Isumi pork meat, special beef, special sauce marinated chicken thigh meat, of Isumi Assorted vegetables, fried noodles) 2,750 yen
Barbecue set rental (with 3 kg of charcoal): 2,200 yen
Campfire set (with firewood): 2,200 yen
Pet accommodation: 1,000 yen / head
Bicycle (1 day): 1,100 yen / unit * The above charges are the basic charges (tax included).
* There is also a transfer to the station. Please consult us.
* Pets are OK up to 2 small dogs.
* You can rent up to 2 bicycles.
* Other optional menus are available. Please contact us for details.
spiny lobster
Regarding the use of bicycles Regarding the use of optional bicycles, we agree to the following items and rent bicycles at our own risk.
(1)The user is responsible for any accidents, injuries or damages such as falls or collisions while renting a bicycle.
(2) Regardless of any responsibility or obligation, it is not possible to transfer the responsibility to the lender or claim compensation for damages in the event of an accident, injury or damage.
Cancellation charge 7-14 days before: 50% of total fee
4-7 days ago: 80% of total fee
On the day-3 days before: 100% of the total fee
No night / no arrival without contact: 100% of total fee
How to make a reservation For reservations, please contact us through the accommodation and guest house website Airbnb or the reservation form on this website.
Click here for Airbnb
Reservation status

※Please be aware that time lag may occur in the calendar due to the integration of reservation information.

House rules

Check-in / out

  • Please adhere to the check-in time.
  • If the check-in time is significantly delayed, the host may change the check-in time.
  • Please restore the original condition at the time of check-out.

About facility use

  • Smoking is prohibited in the room, but you can smoke in the courtyard.
  • Please do not take anything in the room with you.
  • Please use the guest rooms cleanly.
  • Please take off your shoes in the house.
  • Please do not enter the room except for guests.
  • If the futon is badly soiled, cleaning will be required and you will be charged a cleaning fee.
  • Please wash the used dishes.
  • Meals other than the reserved BBQ are not included. Please prepare by yourself.
  • Be sure to digest the stove at bedtime.
  • Do not touch the top plate of the stove as it gets very hot.
  • BBQ and bonfire after 20:00 are not prohibited, but it will be a nuisance to the neighbors, so it is prohibited to make a loud noise.
  • If the items in the room are damaged or excessively soiled, you may be reimbursed.

About garbage

  • Please throw the toilet paper in the toilet bowl.
  • Do not flush anything other than toilet paper.
  • Please cooperate in separating garbage.
  • Crush the PET bottles and then throw them in the combustible trash can in the kitchen.
  • Throw empty cans and jars in the kitchen's dedicated trash can.

About pets

  • Up to 2 small dogs are OK (bring a cage).
  • Please put your dog in the cage you brought indoors.
  • Never lay your dog on a futon.
  • If your dog gets your futon dirty, you will be charged 5,000 yen for each set of futon as a cleaning fee.


  • Be sure to put out the fire after the BBQ or bonfire.
  • Isumi City is a place with a very rich natural environment, and there are many insects. Please use the pesticides available in the room.